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We recognize that learning is a lifelong journey, and access to quality resources should not be a barrier. Our free resources cater to diverse learning needs, providing a holistic approach to your preparation.

1. Daily Current Affairs- 9 PM Ready Reckoner

Stay updated with the world around you through our Daily Current Affairs at 9 PM. Our Ready Reckoner simplifies complex news, ensuring you are well-versed in the latest happenings globally. Click the link for sample PDF.

2. Daily News D.A.D

Raw, unfiltered news to sharpen your analytical skills. News D.A.D delivers unadulterated information, challenging you to critically assess and interpret events. Click the link for sample PDF.

3. Monthly Current Affairs- Academia

Our Monthly Current Affairs delve deep into academia, offering insights and perspectives that go beyond headlines. Stay ahead of the curve with in-depth analyses. Click the link for sample PDF.

4. Daily Quiz- Hindi and English Medium

Engage your mind with our daily quizzes, available in both Hindi and English. Test your knowledge, reinforce key concepts, and enhance your understanding of various subjects. Click here to attempt now!

5. Previous Year Questions- Year Wise and Topic Wise

Learn from the past to succeed in the future. Access Previous Year Question Papers arranged both chronologically and thematically to strengthen your grasp on essential topics. Click the link for sample PDF.

6. NCERT- Class Wise and Topic Wise

Foundation matters. Master your basics with our comprehensive NCERT resources, organized by class and topic. Build a strong academic foundation with clarity and precision. Click the link for sample PDF- Class Wise
Click the link for sample PDF- Topic Wise

7. Video of the Day

Visualize your success! Our Video of the Day provides dynamic content, reinforcing key concepts and making learning an immersive experience. Click the link to watch!

8. Syllabus

Navigate your academic journey seamlessly with our detailed syllabus. Stay organized and plan your studies effectively with a clear roadmap. Click the link for sample PDF.

9. Topical Analysis

Go beyond surface knowledge. Our Topical Analysis provides in-depth insights into various subjects, fostering a deeper understanding of complex topics. Click the link for sample PDF.

10. Help Cheat Sheets

Simplify your study sessions with our Help Cheat Sheets. Condensed, easy-to-understand guides to assist you in grasping intricate concepts effortlessly. Click the link for sample PDF.

11. Exam Results

Access the latest exam results, cut-offs, toppers detail and trend analysis. Click the link for sample PDF.

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