Why should you Associate with us?
  • Proven track record of over 15 years as India’s first EdTech platform.
  • First such offering in the Education industry for tier 3 & 4 towns in India.
  • Incomparable Business model based on low investment & low running cost.
  • Sure shot ROI in 3 years, gap (if any) to be filled by the Company.
  • Low involvement model, infrastructure, marketing & training support by the Company.

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Only 1 Centre per City

  • No competition, no stress, only one Center per City. Special experience in the education industry is NOT needed.

First Come First Serve basis

  • Subject to your application Approval, the Centre will be allotted on a first come first serve basis.

Fastest ROI in the industry

  • Return on Investment expected in 2-3 years. Agreement shall be for 9 years.

Revenue Sharing

  • Franchise partners entitled to a fixed percentage of revenue sharing every month. You also get a fixed share in Online sales of your city.

Running cost

  • Minimal cost only - Rent, electricity, internet, office boy. No teachers or sales people needed.

Centre Setup

  • Centre setup is very simple, takes only 2-3 days, no special skills needed. Will be assisted by our team completely.

Comprehensive Support

  • Operational Training and 24x7 Technical Support available.

Social Impact & Reputation

  • Get unmatched satisfaction by empowering the youth of the country. Adds a lot of value to your social status as it is a white collar highly reputed business opportunity.

Investment including setup cost (Gross)

Rs. 10-12 Lakhs

Area Required for Centre Setup

250-350 sq. ft.

Revenue Share as % of Total Sale of Centre


Franchise Partner Query

You can contact with us for any kinds of informations and help. We are ready to help you.