About Crack Academy

Crack Academy is the successor of India's first online edtech platform for Civil Services Examination, CrackIAS.com, started in 2007. We empowered IAS aspirants by providing them high quality & affordable distance education. Over the years, we experienced that the major proportion of Small town students lag behind due to lack of national level coaching facilities, right guidance and classroom experience. We have come here to deliver an affordable and accessible Ed-tech solution through the establishment of Partner-owned Classroom Centers in smaller towns, thereby bridging critical learning gaps with a visionary approach.

  • 1000s of IAS Selections, with 50+ Teachers.
  • 30 lakh+ books sold and 25000+ admissions every year.
  • Help over 5 lakh+ students every day with various useful resources.
  • 170+ books copyrighted along with IP rights of 10k+ video hours.
  • Selected by Sadhguru's Isha Foundation out of 20+ leading institutions in India.
  • Partners with Haryana Govt for the development of their training modules under SSA.
  • Content provider for leading IAS institutions including Unacademy, Khan Study Group and others.

Our Vision & Its Impact!

Lack of the availability, accessibility and affordability of good education facilities in small towns & villages has led the youth in these small areas to compromise with whatever is available there and live with broken dreams. We intend to halt the wastage of the raw talent of the hardworking youth in these areas by taking national level quality education to their doorsteps.

Our mission is to open one Center per small town across India to bring affordable national level coaching facilities to these areas. We intend to positively impact the lives of girls to pursue their dreams and are not forced to live the life of a housewife. Our aim is to transform the lives of 5 million students in these areas by 2030.